BOOST OXYGEN Supplement, 10 Liter Canister, Menthol-Eucalyptus, 3-Pack

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Brand: Boost Oxygen


  • CLEAN, ALL NATURAL & SAFE: Unlike stimulants and energy drinks, which contain caffeine and sugars that can actually harm the body over time, Boost Oxygen provides pure oxygen in a convenient form.
  • NATURE'S BODY SUPPLEMENT: When deprived of oxygen, performance of the body and mind can suffer. Boost Oxygen provides a convenient source of 95% pure, Aviator's Breathing Oxygen.
  • NATURAL ENERGY & MENTAL ACUITY: Increased oxygen intake has been reported as the natural health and well-being aid that promotes energy, mental acuity, increased capacity for exercise (and quicker recovery), as well as boosting the immune system.
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES: Trusted by Pro Football & Hockey teams, soccer players and more. Wherever and whenever athletes of all ages are looking for a trusted source of convenient oxygen.
  • HANGOVER REMEDY: All are part of the folklore but the most sworn-by and successful Hangover Remedy has always been OXYGEN. Boost Oxygen monumentally changes that. We make the Oxygen convenient, portable and affordable.

Details: Breathe Easier. Affordability and high-quality have been combined and packed into these portable oxygen cans, available in three sizes: pocket-size (2L), medium size (5L), and large (10L). All four of our 95% Pure Aviator's Breathing Oxygen variations (natural, pink grapefruit, peppermint, and menthol - eucalyptus) were created to provide a boost, both oxygen and clarity wise. With an ergonomic mask or boost nozzle for pocket size, it was made for ease of use and to create an overall feeling of wellness.