Bubble Solution Concentrate Powder - Makes Over 1,000,000 Non Toxic Bubbles; 30 Gallons of Bubbles, Great As Bubble Solution for Machines, Guns, Devices Or Bubbles for Kids Refill Wands

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Brand: Unlimited Bubbles

Color: Multicolored


  • 🔮Giant Bubbles Solution: Our 5 oz bubble mix powder is a Great Value and makes 30 gallons of bubble liquid; perfect for a bubble refill to keep your magical moments going
  • 👨‍🔬Concentrated Bubble Solution: this bubble concentrate is made of an odorless irritation-free, non-staining and non toxic formula so you can have peace of mind using it for your bubble machine solution
  • 🤸‍♀️Great for all activities: Whether indoor or outdoor, this giant bubble solution refill can bring joy to parties, holidays, festivals, ceremonies and special events when added to dish soap and water.
  • 👋Goodbye to Expensive Bulky Bottles: This portable convenient and affordable bubble mix consumes less space making it easy to travel with; and cost effective for a bubble solution for machines like wands, guns, party favors or toys
  • 💯 Customer Satisfaction: We strive to provide premium quality products and great customer service so feel free to contact us for a full refund or replacement if your new bubble solution doesn't meet your expectations

Details: ENJOY LOTS OF BUBBLE FUN THIS SUMMER WITH THIS GIANT BUBBLE SOLUTION BOTTLE Bubbles are an easy and fun way to entertain kids and adults in the outdoor. That’s why we have formulated UNLIMITED BUBBLES bubble solution powder. An advanced bubble solution formula that gives you bigger and long-lasting high-flying bubbles that won’t break as soon as they leave the bubble wand, ensuring hours of bubble fun that will bring family and friends together! Create Giant Bubbles, Have Fun! This highly concentrated bubble formula of 5 oz can produce up to 30 gallons. Enough to help you fill up all your bubble tools such as wand sticks, bubble machine, blaster guns, bubble blowing and other toys, setting you up for the ultimate bubble party fun. Perfect for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Halloween, Camping Trips, Festivals, Ceremonies, and Much More. Grab the bubble wand or bubble machine and unleash your inner child, have lots of fun! Create a fun activity for friends, kids, and family to join. Directions. Take one teaspoon of unlimited bubbles bubble solution concentrate powder and added to one cup of dishwashing liquid, whisk for 5 to 7 seconds. Pour into one gallon container of distilled water. Mix for 15 to 30 seconds. Done. If using ultra Dawn the solution will be ready in 30 minutes. All other brands an hour to 24 hours. *We recommend using a non citrus dishwashing liquid.

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Package Dimensions: 4.0 x 2.0 x 1.9 inches