Emotional Anatomy: The Structure of Experience

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Author: Stanley Keleman

Brand: Brand: Center Press (Westlake Village, CA)

Edition: UK ed.


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Number Of Pages: 176

Publisher: Center Pr

Details: "Keleman's approach to somatic therapy follows on naturally from the identity of attitude and form. Accordingly, our emotions and thoughts are intimately connected to our muscular gestures. Our postures and form, our mobility and motility recount our emotional and cognitive history. We therefore organise our own emotional and mental realities. And here is the nub of it; if we organise our realities, we can disorganise and reorganise our muscular emotional pattern. This then is the central feature of Keleman's work today. " (http://www.alexander-technique-london.co.uk/alexander_technique_articles.php?article=16).

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Release Date: 01-06-1986

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