Emraw 20 ml Glitter Glue in Bright Classic Colors: Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Blue & Purple Used for Gluing, Drawing, Writing, Outlining (6 Pack)

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Brand: Emraw


  • ✓ The Emraw Bright Classic Color 20 ml Glitter Glue comes in a pack of 6 bottles and its used to adds a bold, glittery pop to your crafts and school projects. This craft glitter glue is formulated to be able to stick to paper, wood and foam etc.
  • ✓ SPECS: You get 6 different colors of Glitter Glue: Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Blue and Purple - all Glitter Glue are packed in a 20 ml. bottle.
  • ✓ QUALITY: This Emraw Glitter Glue is easier, less wasteful, and much less messy than using standard glue topped with glitter and it is ultra-fine for uniform pouring and bright color. Conforms to ASTM Standards and is Non Toxic Great for little hands and small detail work.
  • ✓ DESIGN: This Emraw Glitter Glue is designed to save time and eliminate the need to use standard glue and then topped with glitter. Its all in one. Just squeeze the glitter glue out and apply where needed. When the glue dries, the glitter stays in place nicely.
  • ✓ USES: Glitter Glue is great for school projects, art and crafts, book covers, ornaments, bookmarks, notebooks, gifts, scrapbooks, picture frames and much more. It can be used for gluing, drawing, writing and outlining. Use them to show off your crafting skills as well as your creativity.

Details: About The Emraw Classic Color Ultra-fine Glitter Glue 6 Pack.The Problem: Working with glitter make everything messy? Making a nice line with glitter is almost impassable having the glitter flying all around How can you solve this? Our Solution: The Emraw Classic Color Glitter Glue that will make nice and perfect lines and shapes without any massy leftovers. Safe: This Glitter Glue is a 100% non-toxic and acid free formula and conforms to ASTM Standards. So you can let your kids play with it and enjoy endless art. Washable: It gets easy and quick cleaned up being washable using a damp cloth or if necessary, soap and water, so feel free to give it to your children. Decorate Occasions: This Glitter Glue is perfect for adding a pop of sparkly color or slime to your project, so create ornaments and decorations for every occasion. Used To: Make Arts & Crafts Frame pictures Scrapbooking Decorating any Holiday Occasions Beautifying Ornaments Improve School Projects Birthday Cards Customized Clothes Enrich Paper Crafts Develop Foam Crafting Six Colors Included: Gold Silver Blue Green Purple Red Enhance Your Personal Art and Design Projects!

EAN: 0815518028688

Package Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.8 x 1.4 inches