Heinz Kohut and the Psychology of the Self (Makers of Modern Psychotherapy)

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Author: Siegel, Allen M.

Brand: Routledge

Edition: 1

Number Of Pages: 240

Details: Product Description Heinz Kohut's work represents an important departure from the Freudian tradition of psychoanalysis. A founder of the Self Psychology movement in America, he based his practice on the belief that narcissistic vulnerabilities play a significant part in the suffering that brings people for treatment. Written predominantly for a psychoanalytic audience Kohut's work is often difficult to interpret. Siegel uses examples from his own practice to show how Kohut's innovative theories can be applied to other forms of treatment. Review Self Psychology is a vigorous branch of psychoanalysis and should be better known and understood here... I recommend this book as an excellent introduction to the work of Heinz Kohut. - Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Release Date: 09-11-1996

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