Immune Relief by Topaz Nutraceuticals

Immune Relief by Topaz Nutraceuticals

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Immune Relief synergizes 21 herbs heralded in Eastern medicine for their heat-reducing and respiration-improving properties. This superior formulation is aimed at alleviating common discomforts from immune responses to germs and microbes, and works by rebalancing your Chi* to awaken your body’s innate capacity to heal. Reinforcing your system with these harmonizing agents helps your body move through symptomatic stages more comfortably and quickly.

* Chi is Eastern medicine’s term for the life force of vital fluids and energy that flows throughout your body

Immune Relief helps to:

  • Relieve discomfort from excess cold, heat, and sensitivity
  • Ease breathing by reactivating circulation of retained fluids
  • Harmonize flow throughout the body so that irritated tissues can relax 
  • Provide systemic rebalancing to significantly reduce recovery time and restore strong function


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