Kosdeg Hammered Copper Water Bottle 34 Oz Extra Large - an Ayurvedic Copper Vessel - Drink More Water, Lower Your Sugar Intake and Enjoy The Health Benefits Immediately

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Brand: Kosdeg

Color: Copper


  • MAKE WATER MORE ENJOYABLE – for a lot of us, drinking a gallon of water a day can be more than a chore. When you open the fridge and there’s a chilled soda staring you in the face, we both know what we’re going to reach for, right? Not anymore. This bottle makes water so chilled it will be the most satisfying thing you’ll drink all day! It makes boring tasteless water an absolute delight! Say goodbye to that horrible gassy bloated feeling!
  • LOWER YOUR SUGAR INTAKE – You want to be healthier, don’t you? Water is boring to drink. You guzzle down bottled water, only to find it doesn't hit the spot compared to your favorite sodas and juice. Resisting is hard, but sugar can associated with almost all the worst illnesses known to man. Make the choice to start living a long and healthy life TODAY! Drink to the future!
  • GUARANTEED PATENT PENDING DESIGN - Don't waste your time ordering and returning low quality imitations. It’s not your fault if you have, there are too many out there. Let us give you the best, guaranteed for a whole year, copper water bottle there is. Joint free, rust free, leak proof cap seal with a wide mouth for easy cleaning. This bottle is your only safe choice. Get it right the first time! Now with PATENT PENDING neck threaded design for improved fastening.
  • AYURVEDIC HEALTH BENEFITS - Drinking water stored in a copper vessel has many major health benefits. It's rumoured to slow down aging, aids in weight loss, helps in pregnancy and it’s a strong antioxidant that helps fight off diseases and boost brainpower. You’re only a few clicks away from looking and feeling like a new person! Let this ancient practice create a fresh start for your body.
  • DRINK MORE WATER OR YOUR MONEY BACK! – If how refreshing this bottle makes water doesn’t convince you, we’ll give you an immediate refund. There’s nothing more important than your health. Ditch the soda and start drinking more water. If we can’t help you do that, you’re getting your money back anyways, right? This water bottle will bring about a transformation you didn’t realise was possible. Invest in your health. Buy with confidence.


Are there any other metals used besides copper to make this bottle?
Nope. This bottle is made from 100% of the purest copper available, to ensure you receive the best product on the market!

Is this bottle dishwasher safe?
Due to this being 100% pure copper, it is NOT dishwasher friendly.

How comfortable is this bottle to carry
This bottle is a delight to carry around. It’s big enough to carry a good amount of water, but practical enough to fit in the majority of bags and backpacks.

Is this bottle leak proof? Will it spill in my backpack?
Yes. Tried and tested, this bottle is completely leak proof! Make sure you correctly tighten the lid after use, and you will never spill a drop!

Is the opening big enough to put ice inside the bottle?
Absolutely, your bottle is big enough to fit whole ice cubes inside. However, this bottle gets so cold, so quickly, it’s doubtful you’ll even need any!

Can I put hot drinks in my bottle?
We don’t recommend putting hot drinks in this bottle, due to how quickly this high-grade copper takes on the temperature of its contents. Obviously you can put any liquid inside, but unless you want to burn your hands, we recommend you stick to the beverages that are meant to be enjoyed super cold!

Is the bottle insulated?
No. For maximum conductivity, the bottle is made from 100% pure copper.