Let Every Breath... Secrets of the Russian Breath Masters

Let Every Breath... Secrets of the Russian Breath Masters

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Author: Vladimir Vasiliev

Number Of Pages: 125

Details: Product Description Let Every Breath… reveals the secrets of the Russian Breath Masters. This groundbreaking manual on Systema Breathing presents step-by-step training drills given to you in a thorough and comprehensive way. You will learn the unique methodology of Systema Breathing and get the foundation for every physical activity of your daily life. Whether you are looking to raise your athletic skills to the next level, or wish to increase your potential and to enjoy life, this is your tool to uncover the endless reserve of energy, health and happiness. At the same time, it is very easy reading, full of entertaining stories and thought provoking ideas. Review If anyone has doubts - don't, just buy it! The clarity and encouragement of this book is just what’s needed --P.Saika - Ontario, CanadaAs a medical doctor I can say that the therapeutic value of Systema Breath training is exceptional --Yuri T. - Arizona, USAThis Breathing method is a warrior's ally, an explorer's companion and the gateway to many of life's possibilities --Aran D. - United Kingdom About the Author Vladimir Vasiliev has over a decade of Russian Special Operations experience, which encompassed all three levels of human ability: the physical, the psychological, and the spiritual. Vladimir is currently based in Toronto and is the director and chief instructor of SYSTEMA outside Russia. He has personally trained and certified well over 100 SYSTEMA instructors and schools worldwide.

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Release Date: 17-04-2006

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