Post-Traumatic Growth: Thriving in the Face of Adversity

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Author: Ungerland, Brenda

Brand: Chapel Hill Press

Number Of Pages: 217

Details: “A road map for navigating the grit of life, in this wonderful book, Brenda Ungerland has also given us the tools to emerge into grace. A must for anybody searching to reinvent their trauma story into a source of personal power.”—Chantal Pierrat, CEO, Emerging Women. Have you ever wondered why some people are destroyed by life’s adversity and others triumph over it? Ever found yourself up against an overwhelming crisis? Did you simultaneously feel stuck and fearful, with no clear strategy for moving forward? Sooner or later, we will all experience severe adversity. Some of us will eventually open up to life again, wiser and happier than before. Many others will remain trapped and blocked, never getting past it. So, what makes the difference? Why do some of us become entrenched in dysfunction, while others transcend trauma and flourish? Post-Traumatic Growth sheds light on these precise questions and helps guide you through the process of proceeding from crisis to flourishing. By revealing the inner landscape of transformation, Post-Traumatic Growth provides an in-depth developmental framework for identifying and dissolving inner barriers, while cultivating specific qualities that lead to perceptual shifts, enhancing the probability of profound change. Laced with penetrating insights, catalyzing questions, guiding exercises, inspiring stories, and effective strategies for avoiding pitfalls, this book facilitates the process of fully embracing the moment, staying on track, and thriving. This book maps the territory of profound change in the face of trauma and loss, stage by stage from breaking down and breaking open to breaking through and flourishing—and offers a fresh perspective by tracking the inner experience of real people who have faced severe crisis and successfully transcended it. Post-Traumatic Growth provides a practical, evidence-based blueprint for working through painful emotional states, overcoming impediments, optimizing one’s innate strengths and giving birth to what everyone has the capacity to become: more wholehearted, authentic, autonomous, joyful, loving, resilient, and evolved. Post-Traumatic Growth is packed with key insights, juicy examples, and practical guidelines, structured sequentially to carry you forward through the process on your own time. It’s about thriving—really flourishing throughout life in the face of adversity, coming up against the worst—loss, endings, betrayal, anguish, defeat, paralyzing fear, unwanted change, despair—and transforming these excruciating realities into experiences of profound growth. We all share the amazing capacity to emerge from our darkest hour to a better place—more authentic, resilient, and loving than we were before. But while change is unstoppable, transformation is optional. Not since Elisabeth Kübler Ross wrote about stages of grieving, has profound growth been explored experientially. It's about real people facing key turning points, progressing from crisis and adversity to thriving and evolving. The concept of Post-Traumatic Growth is arguably the most under-explored area in human development and self-help. Post-Traumatic Growth is a self-actualization book for our time, empowering you to embrace and stay aligned with your true potential and purpose. Sooner or later, everyone needs this book—for yourself or for someone you care about.

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Release Date: 02-06-2020

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