Relax - Natural Adrenal Repair

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Brand: Dr. Stern


  • SEARCHING FOR AN ADRENAL SUPPORT THAT FINALLY HELPS YOU FEEL BETTER? Don't waste your time & money on low-quality products that simply don't work...or make you feel even worse. "Relax" is the optimal blend of natural ingredients, with zero additives or fillers. When taken daily it promotes restful sleep at night and a calm energy through-out the day.
  • CONSTANTLY FEELING TIRED? Not sleeping well? Drinking 2 or more coffees and still barely making it through the day? Here is a doctor dedicated to helping you. Dr. Ian Stern wrote the book on Adrenal Health. Literally. The author of "The Blueprint to Balancing the Adrenals..." he used his thousands of hours of clinical research to create the optimal blend of natural ingredients, each one carefully chosen to help you feel your best again. The E-BOOK is FREE with your purchase.
  • NO "OTHER INGREDIENTS" - Zero Fillers, additives, or allergens. You've made changes to your diet. You've cut back on your bad habits. So why would you want to take a supplement that has a list of ingredients that aren't in there to help you? "Relax" is just the good stuff with No Gluten, No Corn, No Soy, No GMOs, and no fillers of any kind. All manufactured right here in the USA in a GMP certified facility.
  • WE WANT TO MAKE AMERICA FEEL GREAT AGAIN - That's why there is no risk at all when purchasing our supplement. You don't absolutely love the way it makes you feel? Contact our award-winning customer service team and we will promptly issue a 100% MONEY-BACK REFUND.
  • SUPPORT A CAUSE - A percentage of your purchase goes directly to the Dreamlife Association. A non-profit dedicated to helping impoverished children from broken homes learn the life-skills that they need to have their fair chance at a happy and healthy life.

Publisher: Transform Nutrition LLC


The modern world of constant emotional, physical, and mental stressors has taken its toll on your adrenal system. The day seems long and the cup of coffee that you cling to like an oxygen mask doesn't give you that "buzz" that it used to. Energy is everything. Especially when you don't have any. How can you be motivated at work, at the gym, and still have enough to take care of your family, when you can barely roll out of bed in the morning? But what if you could reverse this?

Imagine... Waking up in the morning feeling well rested and refreshed. Looking in the mirror as you wash your face and feel happy with the reflection that looks back. As you prepare for the day you are alert and energized. You could have a nice cup of coffee if you choose to, but it doesn't feel like your life depends on it like it did before. Your energy grows as the day goes on, peaking when it should, in the mid- afternoon, and then slowly coming down as you prepare for bed.When you do lay down you softly drift off into a deep, restful sleep and sleep soundly through the night without any interruption.

This is all possible if you restore your Adrenal glands to a healthy state, and it is this, that Dr. Ian Stern has dedicated years of study to help you do. "Relax" is a soothing, nourishing, adrenal formula that doesn't try to artificially simulate what your body is supposed to do on its own. Instead, it uses a combination of natural ingredients to gently nudge your adrenal system back into a state of healthy equilibrium.

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