Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness

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Author: Shakuntala Modi

Edition: First Printing

Number Of Pages: 632

Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing

Details: Over the centuries, doctors have tried countless therapies to battle mental illness--from shock therapy to drilling holes in the head--and have had little success. In Remarkable Healings, Dr. Shakuntala Modi offers a revolutionary psychotherapeutic treatment that dips into the controversial realm of past-life regression and demonic possession. It might sound like she is straying outside the bounds of credible psychiatry, but compared with some of the methods her peers still employ, Modi's therapy is conspicuously humane, preserving the patients' physical health and concentrating on repairing their problems at a fundamental level.

Interestingly enough, Remarkable Healings is not based on Modi's own religious or spiritual beliefs, but is pieced together entirely from the reports of her patients, who discover under hypnosis that their psychological and physiological problems stem from supernatural causes such as trauma in a past life or the interference of a discarnate entity. The picture that emerges is an odd mixture of Christian motifs involving God, Satan, and hell combined with other ideas such as karma and reincarnation. Modi is the first to suggest that this milieu may simply be a construction of her patients' subconscious, but stresses that treatment based on this system has a much higher success rate than conventional chemical and talk therapy.

Remarkable Healings could be seen simply as well-written entertainment revealing some of the darkest aspects of the human psyche, or as a source of instruction for defending against demonic possession, or even as a message of inspiration. However, perhaps the most far-reaching effects of Remarkable Healings will come from those therapists who are willing to set aside their aversion to unconventional methodologies and pass on the remarkable healings that Modi has discovered. --Brian Patterson

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Release Date: 01-04-1998

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