Shades Color Swatches Default Illustrator Swatches Coated & Uncoated CMYK Process System Guide

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Brand: Shades Color Swatches


  • Cmyk process system guide
  • One side UV gloss coated, one side uncoated
  • Cmyk values, rgb values, hex value
  • Shades of each color (100,90,80,70,60,50,40,30,20,10,5)

Details: From the Manufacturer Providing the CMYK tool every designer needs Our CYMK process color guide offers more options, and more color hues on a common stock most offset printers offer, 16pt cardstock the most common stock used for Business cards and Flyers. We wanted to provide a tool to give every designer the ability to see a printed result of the most common used colors used in their designs at a price that everyone could afford. Designed by a designer with every other designer in mind. This guide is for graphic design pre-press professionals and printers. This inexpensive tool is an essential tool for graphic designers, pre-press professionals and printers offering an alternative to other expensive color books on real world paper stock and UV coatings. Each card features: CMYK values RGB values HEX value Opacity levels of each color (100,90,80,70,60,50,40,30,20,10,5) One side UV gloss coated Offset gang-run printed on 16pt cardstock Attached together with removable aluminum pin 1210 Shades of Color These formula guides are 54 color cards (Adobe Illustrator default color swatches for print) + Kickstarter Green. UV Coated one one side and non UV on the other side offers 1210 shades of color! Removable Binding Pin You can keep as a organized reference book, or simply unscrew to use the Shades cards individually. Illustrator Default Colors All of the solid colors used in Adobe Illustrator default print swatches. You can also load the color profile into other programs such as Photoshop. Affordable color. We support students, teachers, and everyone in design and print. We want to provide the best color swatch products at affordable prices. About the Startup Describe your product in 3 words.Affordable Color SwatchesHow did you come up with the idea for this product?We wanted to offer our color swatch books at the most affordable price to make it a tool everyone can afford, yet can't afford to be without.. Most "Starving Artists" in school need good tools to provide a good product. Computers, software, books, supplies, they all add up quick so we wanted to offer a solution to the much needed tool for design without the high price of the competition. We hope to make our way into everyone's valued collection of tools they use to create their artwork.What makes your product special?No other product offers everything we do in a small, easy to use product that everyone can understand, and everyone can afford.What has been the best part of your startup experience?Doing our startup on Kickstarter was an eye opener and a challenge. Since the completion and listing with Amazon things have gone great. The best thing we enjoy hearing from our customers, the praise, questions and their comments about finally making things simple and affordable... We love our customers! Product Description Shades Color Swatches is an inexpensive tool should be in any designers hands... learn what to expect when specifying one of the default colors shown in Adobe Illustrator (or load the same colors into Adobe Photoshop). Learn why 'CMYK Blue' does not print blue, how bright the 'Brights' colors actually print in CMYK, and to see all the levels of Black or 'Grays'... Once you have an idea of what you can expect, the better you learn on how to adjust your artwork to get the desired affect on your printed projects.

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