Shankara's Crest Jewel of Discrimination

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Author: Swami Prabhavananda

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Number Of Pages: 139

Details: Product Description A classic text on the path to God through knowledge. The basic teaching is that God alone is the all-pervading reality; the individual soul is none other than the universal soul. According to Shankara, it is the ignorance of our real nature that causes suffering and pain. The desire for happiness is essentially a longing to awaken to who and what we truly are. Through the path of self-knowledge, Shankara clearly teaches how to awaken from ignornce created by the mind, and abide in the peace of our true nature. From the Publisher Shankara was under no illusions about this world. For this reason, he is able to describe so powerfully the complete transformation of the universe that takes place before the eyes of the illumined seer, when the world indeed becomes a paradise. About the Author Shankara is considered to be the leading source on the teachings of non-dualism and Vedanta.

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Release Date: 07-06-1970

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