Sidewalk Chalk Set – Pack of 20 Multi-Color Jumbo Street Chalks – 20 Bright & Cheerful Colors – Nontoxic, Washable Tapered Chalks for Teachers and Schools - 1 x 4 Inches

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Brand: Fat Zebra Designs

Color: 1 Pack of 20 Pcs


  • INCLUDES 20 BRIGHT AND CHEERFUL COLORS. Our pack contains 20 bright colors.
  • TAP YOUR CHILDREN’S CREATIVE SIDE. Let your students to step outside from the classroom and draw colorful drawings of smiley faces, butterflies, rainbows, or inspiring quotes surrounded by fun designs with WASHABLE SIDEWALK CHALK SET! For your convenience, we have packed 6 pieces as a single pack, so you will get an enough supply for all your students without considering those small packs with high price tag.
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL HANDS. Our dust free sidewalk chalks are thoughtfully designed with your little kids in mind (1-inch in diameter and 4-inches in height), and offer a comfortable grip for easy manipulation.
  • WASHABLE AND NON-TOXIC. Once the activities are finished, you can easily wipe them off with a damp cloth or wash them away with a quick spray of water. Also, the colors are easy to remove from the clothes and 100% kids safe.
  • WON'T ROLL AWAY. The special tapered shape prevents the chalks from rolling down on driveways or other inclined surfaces. It ensures your students stay safe during use and helps keep the chalk conveniently close at hand.

Details: 20-PIECE MULTI-COLOR SIDEWALK CHALKS - INSPIRE HOURS OF PLAY AND LEARNING! Several studies have shown that the outside education and spending significant time at outdoors with games and activities will help students develop their knowledge in science and math, interpersonal skills, imagination and creativity, motor skills and attention spans. But one of the biggest challenges for teachers who love to take their classroom to the outside is the lack of resources to create a good outdoor learning environment. Don’t worry! We have a fabulous way to bring your learning outside and keep your students active for hours! INTRODUCING 20-PIECE SIDEWALK CHALK SET🖌 Our sidewalk chalk pack contains an assortment of colors you and your students can use to make outdoor drawings, sketches and play chalk games. You can also use these colorful chalks in teaching them different colors, patterns and shapes and gain their interest to classroom and group activities. With our jumbo sidewalk chalks you can introduce some outdoors games you used to play when you were their age, such as Hopscotch, Four Square Game and Tic-Tac-Toe. NEED MORE REASONS TO CHOOSE US? Measures 1-inch in diameter and 4-inches in height. Comes in a tapered shape to prevent them from rolling away. Washable, non-toxic and easy to remove. Works well on many surfaces like concrete, asphalt, chalkboards and wooden playground sets. SO WHY WAIT? CLICK “ADD TO CART” BUTTON UP THERE AND MAKE YOUR WISE CHOICE TODAY!

Package Dimensions: 5.6 x 5.5 x 4.4 inches