Teilhard de Chardin (t): The Human Phenomenon Explained

Teilhard de Chardin (t): The Human Phenomenon Explained

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Author: Savary, Louis M.

Brand: Paulist Press

Number Of Pages: 224

Details: Teilhard’s book The Human Phenomenon (The Phenomenon of Man) developed many of the fundamental concepts of Teilhard’s evolutionary thinking which were the foundational ideas for his integration of evolutionary science with Christian theology and spirituality. In this book, Savary skilfully examines the connection of Teilhard’s evolutionary scientific ideas and his spirituality and theology. Consequently, Teilhard de Chardin―The Human Phenomenon Explained presents Teilhard’s scientific ideas accessibly while also explaining the text, showing how the ideas presented in each section may be directly applied to theological thinking, spiritual practices, and moral behavior.

Release Date: 02-06-2020

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Languages: English