The Mystery of Rampo

The Mystery of Rampo

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Format: Color

Genre: Foreign

Publisher: MGM (Video & DVD)

Details: Hailed by critics around the world, this "exciting and impressive." (Variety) tale of love and obsession based on the writings of Rampo EdogawaJapan's answer to Edgar Allan Poeis "an astonishing, first-rate achievement on all fronts Not to be missed" (Boxoffice)! Although Rampo is the literary toast of Japan, the government has banned his latest manuscript: a dark tale about a woman who suffocates her husband inside a hope chest. And when a local man is murdered by his wife in the same manner, Rampo becomes obsessed with her and embarks on a quest to unlock the truth about the crime. But as he traverses the line between his fantasy and her reality, is Rampo really trying to save the woman of his dreams or simply destroying the fragile shell of his own sanity?

UPC: 27616902306

EAN: 9780792859659

Release Date: 10-02-2004

Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 5.4 x 0.6 inches

Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese