The Reiki Magic Guide to Self-attunement

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Author: Brett Bevell

Brand: Bevell, Brett

Edition: 1

Number Of Pages: 160

Publisher: Crossing Press

Details: Attune yourself to everyday Reiki with a revolutionary guide to an at-home practice.

"This book will transform you. Brett Bevell teaches us how to shift every aspect of life, from the food and water we put into our bodies to the past, present, and future."—David Morehouse, PhD, author of Psychic Warrior

Reiki tradition dictates that you must be initiated—or attuned—by a Reiki master before properly practicing this healing art of energy flow. In this revolutionary guide, Reiki Master Brett Bevell breaks with convention and extends the transformative powers of Reiki to all by presenting at-home rituals for self-attunement. In the true healing spirit of Reiki, Bevell encourages creativity and experimentation with the practice, allowing you to personalize Reiki for everyday use. With twenty-one symbols to empower the flow of Reiki, as well as chants for attuning candles, stones, and even the water in your bath or washing machine, this is Reiki as you've never seen it before: available to everyone, for use in all aspects of life, as Reiki was always meant to be.

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Release Date: 01-09-2007

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