Upspring Stomach Settle Drops with Ginger, Lemon, Spearmint, Honey & B6 | Lemon-Ginger-Honey Flavor | Relieves Nausea, Gas, Bloating, Motion & Morning Sickness* | 28 Individually Wrapped Drops

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Brand: UpSpring


  • NAUSEA RELIEF FOR UPSET STOMACHS: helps relieve occasional nausea, motion sickness, gas, bloating, morning sickness and other digestive issues in an individually-wrapped drop*
  • 4 REMEDIES IN 1 DROP: naturally-sourced ginger, spearmint, and lemon – along with vitamin B6 and honey to soothe stomach upset*
  • FAST-ACTING, MICRONIZED GINGER: micronized ingredients help with quick absorption
  • INCLUDES NATURALLY-SOURCED REMEDIES: non GMO, drug-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free, with a tasty lemon-ginger flavor
  • GREAT ON-THE-GO: each resealable bag includes 28 individually (and discreetly) packaged drops for easy use on-the-go, from planes to trains, boats and beyond; for ages 14+


Lemon ginger flavored Stomach Settle drops contain not just one, but all FOUR NATURAL REMEDIES (GINGER, SPEARMINT, LEMON + B6) to help quickly relieve occasional nausea, motion sickness, gas, bloating and more.

Ginger: Anti-inflammatory properties work to instantly alleviate stomach pain and relax musclesSpearmint: Calms and soothes stomach musclesLemon: Helps cleanse the body and prevent bloating, gas, and heartburnB6: Balances sodium and potassium levels, reducing bloating symptomsStomach Settle drops can be taken anytime, anywhere for immediate relief from an upset stomach, motion sickness, nausea, gas, and more. You don’t have to hassle with swallowing tablets or measuring out messy liquids. All natural Stomach Settle lemon ginger flavored drops are easy to pop in your mouth and provide fast-acting soothing relief for upset stomachs.

Developed by an accomplished microbiologist with over 30 years of experience successfully developing nutraceuticals, breakthrough water soluble vitamins and over 145 nanomedicines. Stomach Settle uses micronized ginger, making it easier for the body to absorb and provide fast-acting stomach relief.

Stomach Settle Drops may also be effective in helping to manage the side effects of chemotherapy, postoperative nausea and nausea related to migraine headaches.

No artificial anything! Stomach Settle’s all natural formula contains ZERO gluten, drugs, GMOs or artificial ingredients. We want our products to make your stomach feel better, not worse. Our mission is to provide fast-acting stomach relief without the negative side effects of other digestive aids.

Serving size: 1 drop.

EAN: 0859188006393

Package Dimensions: 7.8 x 4.6 x 1.6 inches