Voice of the Eagle

Voice of the Eagle

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Author: Linda Lay Shuler

Number Of Pages: 721

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

Details: It was two hundred years before Columbus. The spirits of nature walked the earth and the people of the American Southwest lived in intimate harmony with the land, the sky, and the seasons. Here the beautiful, blue eyed Kwani, gifted with magical vision, and Tolonqua, Hunting Cheif of the Towa, joined in a passion that defied all taboos. Here Tolonqua fought to build a great fortress city to protect his clan against the dread Pawnee and other foes. Here Kwani battled suspicion and envy to preserve her place as She Who Remembers, and pass on her powers to a daughter marked at birth for an awesome destiny. Here Kwani’s son risked death for honor and for love. Here, in a novel of unsurpassed vividness and narrative sweep, a vanished world comes to unforgettable life.

EAN: 9781477807514

Release Date: 23-07-2013

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 1.9 inches

Languages: English