Wild Mercy: Living the Fierce and Tender Wisdom of the Women Mystics

Wild Mercy: Living the Fierce and Tender Wisdom of the Women Mystics

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Author: Starr, Mirabai

Brand: Sounds True

Number Of Pages: 264

Details: Product Description Wild Mercy is essential reading for anyone ready to awaken the feminine mystic within and birth her loving, creative, and untamed power into the world."Mystical brilliance at its best." ―Caroline Myss"No one can take us into the fiery and tender depths of the sacred feminine with more skill, humor, clarity, and vibrant naked honesty than Mirabai Starr." ―Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope and The Return of the Mother We live in a world that has suffered the abuses of an unbalanced masculine rule for thousands of years―but the feminine is rising. "Seeds of feminine wisdom that have been quietly germinating underground are now breaking through the surface," writes Mirabai Starr. "Women everywhere are rising to the collective call to step up and repair our broken Earth. And we are activating a paradigm shift such as the world has never seen." With Wild Mercy, Mirabai shares the subversive wisdom and fierce compassion of the feminine mystic across cultural boundaries and throughout history. From saints and sages, to goddesses and archetypal energies, to contemporary teachers and seekers―you’ll meet women who blazed a path that will illuminate your own. Each chapter explores a different facet of feminine mysticism through a tapestry of teachings, reflections, and stories, along with a practice for integrating the chapter’s themes into your own life. As you journey through these pages, you’ll explore: Taking refuge in contemplative practice with St. Teresa of Avila and the Shekinah• Longing, embodiment, and union as the heart of feminine spiritual practice with the Hindu poet Mirabai and Mary Magdalene• Your relationship with the Earth, motherhood in all its forms, and a loving call to action alongside Gaia and Ix Chel• Community and the web of life with Indra, the Beguines, and female prophets throughout history• Wild, playful, and compassionate mercy with Tara and Kuan Yin• Finding joy in creativity and the arts with Saraswati and Chiyo-ni• More inspiration from archetypal goddesses and amazing women past and present―Julian of Norwich, the Sufi saint Rabia, Pachamama, Sophia, Old Spider Woman, Hildegard of Bingen, Demeter, Kali, and moreWild Mercy provides a much-needed alternative to the models of religion and spirituality that have dominated history. Here, Mirabai invites you to welcome the wisdom of women back into the collective field where it may transform the human family, heal the ravaged Earth, and awaken the divine love in our hearts. Review “Mirabai embodies love, generosity, and wisdom. Her work and words compel us to be more, do better, love more fiercely, open our hearts and let the light in, and out.” ―Mona Haydar, activist, rapper, poet, chaplain“The Great Mother is a Mystery . . . known only through surrender. Surrender only happens through Grace. Mirabai Starr leads us deep into the radiance of the many ways the Goddess reveals herself, illuminating our Path back home.” ―Krishna Das, Kirtan master and author of Chants of a Lifetime and Flow of Grace“I was with Mirabai the day before her daughter Jenny died. Over the years, the intense outpouring of love from her mother’s heart has led Mirabai to the wild mercy she drinks in and shares from all the women mystics, poets, and teachers gathered together in this gorgeous book. With free-spirited passion, erudition, and blazing candor, Mirabai generously offers the joys, sorrows, and insights of her own fully lived life as a particularly female path to the vast universal life we share. Mirabai’s writing is magic, transforming the salt of tears into the fruit of wisdom and compassion.” ―Trudy Goodman, PhD, founding teacher at InsightLA and cofounder of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy in Boston“I’ve been waiting for a book like this for a long time! Wild Mercy is a profound and exquisite glimpse into the wisdom, power, and love of the women mystics. The most pressing need of our time is for the wisdom of the feminine to

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